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Baby Gate For Stairs With One Wall You Need To Buy In 2021

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Babies become explorers overnight, so it’s best to baby-proof your house if your little one has started crawling. Stairs attract babies like a magnet attracts iron shavings! If you have a double-floor house or a basement, your tiny traveler will likely find its way to it.

Baby accessories manufacturing companies have developed a helpful tool for parents who have enticing steps in their house’s corridors. Here we have placed our top picks, which work marvelously as stairs baby gate with one wall and other home passages.

Our Top Picks For Baby Gate For Stairs With One Wall

Image Product Name Details   Price
backpac Evenflo Secure Step Gate Color: grayish
Dimension: ‎2.75 x 30.25 x 33.62 inches
Weight: ‎15 pounds
Material Type: ‎Plastic,Metal
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Cardinal Baby Gate
Color: White
Dimension: ‎27 x 2 x 29.5 inches
Weight: 3 pounds
Material Type: ‎‎Aluminium
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backpac Safety 1st Baby Gate Color: White
Dimension: ‎2.25 x 30 x 31.88 inches
Weight: ‎‎9.48 pounds
Material Type: ‎Steel
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Toddleroo by North States Baby Gate
Color: Matte Bronze
Dimension: ‎30.5 x 2 x 29 inches
Weight: ‎‎9.29 pounds
Material Type: Metal
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backpac Munchkin Saftey Baby Gate Color: Dark Grey
Dimension: 24.5 x 1.63 x 27.25 inches
Weight: ‎‎9.46 pounds
Material Type: ‎Metal
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backpac Summer Banister and Stair Gate Color: Brown
Dimension: ‎29.7 x 2.8 x 32 inches
Weight: ‎13.68 Pounds
Material Type: ‎Wood
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backpac Regalo 2-in-1 Baby Gate Color: Black
Dimension: ‎40.5 x 1 x 36 inches
Weight: ‎3.17 ounces
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1. EVENFLO 4233052

baby gate for banister and wall

Evenflo enjoys the status of making strong equipment. This is a wondrous release in the world of gates on stairs. A nice gate to help you secure the dangerous areas of your home with increased convenience like no other.

As we have told you before, it has impeccable convenience. The gate easily operates with one hand. Ergonomic design prevents slipping of hand when opening and closing. The gates open in both directions, with a childproof lock. There is a LED green lock indicator that signals as the gate secures. 

Installation of the gate is easy. However, you will need a little more from your drilling kit. Since you can’t directly mount it on the surface, you have to drill it in place. If you are looking for a gate for stairs with only one wall, go for it. Its mounts will hold well against the swinging pressure of the gate.

This extra-tall gate is 29 to 42 inches wide, making it an ideal match gate for stairs with one wall as one-sided walls have unusual widths. The height is 30 inches, which makes it a challenging climb for children. It can be used for all places from laundry rooms to stair bottoms and other wide openings.

  • Extra-wide gate
  • Good width options
  • No threshold bar
  • Bi-directional Ideal for busy home area
  • Special staircase design with wall brackets
  • Doesn’t work well for thin stairs.


51TL%2BqTw2NL. SL1000

A nice idea for giving your home a futuristic look. It also ranks in the top baby gates for stairs with one wall. Most gates are not suitable for outdoor usage but Cardinal surprises us all right out of the box. The aluminum rust-free finish makes it a viable option for outdoor conditions.

A smart option that holds fast for outdoor damped and dry conditions. It also offers additional extension panels for preventing irregular openings on the stairway. The product features a unique latch locking system that is not child-friendly. Lightweight and robust rust-free aluminum, it makes a good choice when you want a rust-resistant product. 

Unlike other baby gates, Cardinal provides extra product parts for unique staircase widths. You can separately buy a metallic bracket to increase the overall breadth. There is also an optional stop bracket to prevent any potential hazard. If you have a non-flexible décor design, there are wooden clamps available that let you install the gate without drilling. A variety of banister mounts are available from the company.

The unique adjustment of the product allows clamping at odd angles. It serves well as a baby gate for the top of stairs with banister and wall since stair top walls have more angled openings. A hardware-mounted gate that swings in both directions. It has width adjustability of 27 to 42 ½ inches for various openings.

  • Aluminum rust-proof finish.
  • Outdoor use for wide openings.
  • Extra panels for security.
  • Additional clamps.
  • Different colors to match décor.
  • No-drill clamps don’t come with the product.


baby gate for top of stairs with only one wall

Enjoy your parenting moments with perfect gates from Safety 1st.  The strong metal frame fits in with most stair designs and allows hassle-free installation right at your doorstep. An apt choice for retractable gates users.

Maybe you have a bendable décor style for baby needs, then this is a Grade A fit for you. It comes in a single frame, featuring a flat mounting on a 3.5 inches wide surface. The effortless installation with a screwdriver makes it one of the best baby gates that screw into the wall. The screws are ergonomic and hold without any drills on both bottoms and the tops of stairs.

The grill holds good for wide openings from 29 to 42 inches. There is no threshold attached which minimizes the risk of tripping when installed at the top of the stairs. The overall height of the gate is 30 inches, which makes it super secure. Entirely safe to use in hallways, staircases, and doorways and also works as a good pet gate.

It also features a push locking system that easily operates with one hand. Just press the button and swing the gate open or shut. A convenient option for baby gate for stairs with one wall allows limiting the swinging in one direction. Just move the clamp up if you want it to open in one direction only. 

  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Strong wall brackets
  • Directional control and walk-through gate
  • Push locking system
  • Strong and durable steel design
  • Wooden surfaces require drilling.


baby gates that screw into wall

A good choice that leaves you worry-free with a secure locking system, Toddleroo 4950 is the new gamechanger. It only weighs 4.4 pounds; this gate is hard to climb over, making a good baby gate for the banister and wall.

Mostly sturdy tools have a grave appearance, but this baby gate is nothing frightening. It is a sturdy gate that easily matches your hallway design with its smooth bronze finish and stylish grill design. As it is lightweight it swings open smoothly with a bit of effort.

Einstein was a baby once, and if your little one has the same curiosity and brain, you need something that holds fast against experiments. Toddleroo provides just that. While the latch is easy to open and close for adults, it is pretty tough for kids to get their minds around it. It only opens in a single direction to avoid injuries due to uneven swings. The absence of a floor bar ensures there is no trip hazard.

The gate is 31 inches in height. It easily adjusts in all openings from 28 to 47 inches wide. Perfectly secure for babies up to 2 years old. It is a perfect fit for large stair openings and wide doorways. Unlike some products, no threshold makes it trip hazard-free even if you wear a flowy dress and carry your baby in one arm. The bars are two and quarter inches to prevent the passing through of small pets.

  • Convenient one-handed operation
  • Perfectly fits with décor
  • Banister mounts included
  • ASTM certified
  • Safe locking
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.


baby gate for wall and railing

Munchkin Safety gate is the perfect fit for baby gate for top of stairs with only one wall with its remarkable fitting range. With its slim bar design, it also serves as a great pet gate. 

The gate features a special tilting mechanism that ensures minimal damage on walls and railings while opening. Since one walled railing doesn’t have the same strength as doubled walled ones, it is the best baby gate for wall and railings. This is the biggest take of this baby gate.

While this baby gate from Munchkin works for all flat areas, it also has an unmatched option for applications on both the top and bottom of stairs. The sleek metallic frames smoothly blend in with the home stairs and railings making it look like another grill block. The gate is 29 inches in height and is best for openings 28.5” to 45” wide.

It is a fine gate with its sleek exterior and quick locking mechanism. The lock is easily operable with one hand but needs a little time to get its hang. Your child will not be able to unlock it even after lots of experiments. There is also a step back when it comes to its installation. It is not equally easy for all users.

  • Stylish design with matte bronze finish.
  • Extra-wide baby gate designed for stairways.
  • Spring mechanism for reduced damage to walls.
  • Evenly fits with the home theme.
  • Secure lock with comfort grip.
  • Some users found it hard to install.


gate for stairs with one wall

Summer infant has a reputation for its baby accessories, and when the race for best baby gates starts, it has a valuable product for its customers. Now you can quickly barricade your home against child breaches. Let’s see what’s unique about this one.

You won’t desire a product that doesn’t offer convenience. A suitable solution for tripping risks is this baby gate by Summer Infant. The gate is 33 inches high, which is mountainous for a kid to climb over. The product comes with a dual installation kit so you can quickly get it on your stair opening.

 It easily fits in with all openings as long as they are 32 to 48 inches wide. Most stair tops fall into the gate’s width range. That is why it is an ideal baby gate for the top of stairs with a banister and wall. It is seamlessly suitable from the top and bottom of stairs to banister-to-banister installations. Also, appropriate for round and square banisters.

If you are one of those house owners who like wooden textured home décor rather than metallic one, this is a great option for you. The honey-colored antique oak finish of the gate makes it match appropriately with your wooden design and furniture. In fact, it blends in so amazingly that it is not noticeable at first glance.

  • Accommodates various openings
  • No drilling needed
  • Easy installation with the provided kit
  • Easy to clean metal gate
  • Strong structure
  • A little heavy than other gates.


baby gates that screw into wall

When it comes to safety and quality, Regalo is the most popular brand for safety gates. It has a solid steel structure with equal ease of installation. The leveler and gliding technology make it a top pick for a secure baby gate.

A sturdy metal baby gate to provide safety when you are not around to keep an eye on your little one. It uses hard-rubber banister mounts, which are strong enough to hold the gate in place without extra drills or in your woodwork.

Stair openings have various widths, and it is very relieving when you find a stair gate that fits in all situations. This gate is ideal for all kinds of stairs ranging from banister gates to baby gates for stairs with one wall and stairs with banisters. The gate is thirty and a half inches tall, which perfectly fits into 28-42 inches wide openings.

Convenience is also a factor that plays a significant role in making good baby products, and Regalo knows that. The gate has an easy squeeze functioning latch and a built-in leveler to ensure even installation. Moreover, it glides smoothly and ranks ad a fine walk-through gate. The gate installation kit minimizes the entire process to only a few minutes.

  • Strong fitting hardware mounts
  • Steel made
  • Easy Installation
  • Lightweight
  • Useable for wider space
  • Effective for wide openings only.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Baby Gate

Before you decide on buying a baby gate, you need to read the lines below to know what you will be crossing paths with and what will serve you the best.


There are commonly two types of gates found in the market. They look almost alike however their functioning differs greatly.


These gates are made from wood, aluminum coating, or another alloy tubing. They are not entirely childproof, but they have a rigid structure. A Hardware-Mounted baby gate screw into the wall or door frame. Although some gates are available for wall screwing, it is a practice you should avoid. Instead, fill the cavity with a wooden filling rather than drilling into a plaster wall.

Hardware-mounted gates have fitting designs for staircase use. These are the best baby gates for one-walled stairs with their durability and secure locking. For single wall stairs, make sure to install them in a way that opens on the floor landing and not over the stairs. Use them in places with a danger of falling, like at the top of basement stairs or the bottom of living room staircases.


These gates come into play when you want something to barre off a room. You can place a pressure-mounted gate at the laundry room entrance or a stitching room or any other such place. However, using a pressure-mounted gate at the top of the stairs is a bad idea. 

Your home design basically determines which type of gate works for you. Walls have greater widths than stairs, these gates have a wider range of adjustments than hardware-mounted gates. They are more customizable, and many manufacturers offer extensive brackets to fit in wide wall distances. these also work better than pressure-mount gates for wide openings.


When buying a baby gate, keep your child’s height in mind. Go for a tall baby gate that is three-quarters of your child’s height. For taller children, buy a taller gate to keep them from climbing over.

The bar distance is also an important aspect. If you want a gate for stairs with one wall, barricading the stair opening won’t be enough. Buy a gate with a thinner bar cavity, so your toddler doesn’t crawl its way through it.


Of course, you can’t buy a gate that does more harm than good. But still, you go one step extra and buy a baby safety gate. Often while buying a baby gate for the bottom of stairs with only one wall, customers often look for security options. Like drilling into walls and comfy walk-through gate. There is nothing wrong with that, but make sure that the screws and clamps are safely hidden to prevent child injuries. Try to buy a gate which guarantees less damage to walls, you have to take the gate off after some time. 

Go for gates approved and tested by JPMA and ASTM.


The locking system has to be good but not problematic. Traditional baby gates have easy and durable locks. Don’t buy fancy locking products since they are more likely to get stuck after some time. If you are buying baby gates for stairs with one wall, make sure to cross-check the locking system.


A baby gate purchase should not be hefty in your pocket. Buy a product that delivers easy baby gate installation so you have to hire an expert to do the job. Read the product manual before getting into the screwing wall brackets to avoid any damages. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQS )

What Are The Best Brands For Baby Gates?

The most famous brands for baby gates are Munchkin, Regalo, Evenflo, and Safety 1st. They have the sturdiest and long-lasting baby gate products.

When Should The Baby Gate Remove It?

Baby gates are helpful as long as your child doesn’t climb over them. You can use baby gates for children from 6 months to 2 years old.

What Is The Average Height And Width Of A Baby Gate?

Baby gates are typically 31 inches high and 39 to 52 inches wide.

What Are Baby Gates Made Of?

A variety of materials are used to make baby gates. There are aluminum, plastic, or wooden baby gates depending upon the model.

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Home designs are tremendous these days, but there is always a stair set with a single wall. Knowing a common need, we have reviewed the best options for baby gates for stairs with one wall. In case you are looking for something more, our comprehensive buying guide has you covered!

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