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Top 6 Best Baby Scale For Breastfeeding – [ Buying Guide ]

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Everybody loves to watch their baby grow, while most of them want to track their baby’s growth after frequent intervals. The same is the case with Lord Calderon, whose newborn child started to lose weight after one month. After an appointment with the doctor, they bought a digital baby scale that his wife used to track down the growth of their baby which is quite helpful

Measuring the height and weight of the baby is one of the easiest ways to figure out the growth of your baby. Nowadays, there are many scales present in the market that can be used to measure your baby’s weight. But here, we have brought the best baby scales for breastfeeding. All of these scales can measure the height and weight of your baby accurately and can help you track your baby’s growth.

Our Top 6 Picks For Best baby scale for breastfeeding

Image Product Name Details   Price
backpac Health o Meter Baby Scale Color: White
Dimension: 12.6 x 9.06 x 23.03 inches
Weight: ‎8.05 pounds
Check Price
backpac Salter Baby/Toddler Scale Color: White
Dimension: 23.7 x 13.8 x 10 inches
Weight: 10.2 Pounds
Check Price
backpac MomMed Baby Scale Color: White
Dimension: 11.8 x 9.8 x 1 inches
Weight: ‎220 Pounds
Check Price
backpac KAZETEC Baby Scale Color: White
Dimension: 28.94 x 13.58 x 2.56 inches
Weight: 10 Grams
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backpac Beurer BY80 Baby Scale Color: White
Dimension: 22 x 2 x 12.2 inches
Weight: ‎4.4 Pounds
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Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale
Color: White
Dimension: ‎24 x 14 x 3.8 inches
Weight: ‎5.8 Pounds
Check Price

1. Health o Meter baby scale – ‎2108598

best baby scale for breastfeeding

The design of this cute health o meter teddy bear scale is special. This design enables you to change the style of this scale into a standing scale from the tray scale. This feature is useful when your baby grows. When your baby is small, you can place your children in a tray and lock it to secure your child. You can remove the tray and collapse the digital scale base when your child moves to the toddler stage. Now the scale is converted into a teddy bear shape that looks attractive to your toddler.

Approximately 0.5 ounces of the weight of the baby is measured accurately using this scale. The health o meter has a large LCD that clearly shows the weight. This tray comes with a security lock that is very useful for the baby. Moreover, the toddler scale has a capacity of up to 60 pounds. Another feature of this scale is that it has a removable tray. This scale can be operated without a tray.

Another exciting feature of this scale is the hold feature that precisely measures the height and weight of the child when the baby is moving or active on the scale. Moreover, zero-out features also present those accounts for extra weight due to diapers, blankets, or clothing. Health o meter scale comes with a bonus growth chart book that measures baby growth and lets you know that baby is growing healthy and feeding correctly.

  • The infant scale for breastfeeding is easily converted from tray scale to standing scale.
  • The adorable design having a large 1.2 inches easy to read LCD
  • Health o meter has hold feature that accurately measures weight when baby is moving
  • This scale is not suitable for weighted feedings.

2. Salter Baby/Toddler Scale – 914WHLKR

baby scale for breastfeeding

Salter baby is a plastic body scale having a 21.5 × 10 inches soft plastic scoop. This surface is suitable for holding your baby with security when your baby is weighted. The toddler scale has a capacity of 44 lb. scale and measures in 0.5 oz increments. Salter scale has an extensive easy to read 1.2-inch LCD.

The most crucial feature that presents in this scale is the hold function. This feature helps in accurately measuring the weight of the baby even if the baby is moving. Salter baby scale also has a quality of zero function. This function subtracts the diaper, clothing, and blanket weight from the baby’s actual weight to give an accurate result.

Another great feature of this baby scale for breastfeeding is that it can easily change into a toddler scale. You can do this by just eliminating the tray. Now only the toddler scale is left that looks like a mouse or cute bear that attracts the baby. This feature is very beneficial because you can use this scale for a longer time, not only for an infant.

On this scale, four buttons are present on the stand. The first button is used for on and off. Off the scale when it is not in use and save the power. The second button is a conversion button that is used to change the weight between kilograms and pounds. The third button is for the hold function, while the last button is for the zero function that is useful to subtract the additional weight.

  • Quickly converted into toddler scale by removing the tray
  • Salter Baby/Toddler scale is an affordable scale having zero function and hold features.
  • Large 1.2-inch LCD that is easy to read and gives accurate results.
  • The size of the scale is small. It may not be suitable for large babies.

3. MomMed Baby Scale

infant scale for breastfeeding

Are you looking for the best infant scale for breastfeeding? Then the MomMed Baby Scale is the best option that you have got for your child. This MomMed Baby Scale can be used for multiple purposes that include the whole family, including babies, pets, and adults, that shows the quality of the products from the MomMed.

This scale has bright LED display light that has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. With the help of brilliant backlit and distinctive figures in the display, one can easily see and understand the numbers on the scale from various angles and even in dark places. Moreover, the design of the tray is also quite extraordinary. The concave shape of the tray perfectly holds the baby.

The concave shape has the additional advantage of providing an excellent grip to the baby not to fall. There is also the choice of a swivel lock to lock the swivel and confines it to one place. Furthermore, the MomMed Baby Scale design is perfectly crafted with a matte touch, and the elegant design of the shape allows you to put this scale anywhere in the house.

Different functions are also available that include, tare button that automatically adjusts the readings to zero. Hold function is also present that fixes the reading to the display until the button is not again pressed. You can also switch the scale of weight to Kg, lb. and oz. So, you can get all of these functions with just a single touch.

Along with the MomMed Baby Scale, the manufactures also give two free AAA batteries with it. So, you need to put these batteries into the scale and start measuring the weight of your pets and babies. The MomMed Baby Scale also offers customer care support that is present 24/7. Whenever you need any assistance during this scale, you can contact customer care and take their guidance.

  • MomMed scale is accurate due to the presence of four sensors.
  • This scale comes with zero function that helps to gain accurate results
  • Also suitable for the pets
  • Sometimes frame of the scale is not balanced

4. Kazetec Baby Multi-Function Digital Scale

baby scale for breastfeeding

Kazetec Baby Multi-Function Digital Scale is one of the most stylish and accurate baby scales for breastfeeding. This scale can measure the height and weight of the infant with 100% accuracy and deliver the best results to you about the growth of your baby. You can also measure the size and weight of your pet. Hence it can be used for multipurpose weight measurements.

The weight measuring range is also huge; the user can measure the baby’s weight up to 220 pounds and 70cm with 1mm precision. If the baby’s height is larger than the tray, you can use a moveable tray given with the scale. So, you can easily measure the baby’s weight if the baby has a height of more than 70cm.

A large LCD on the scale with blue light allows the user to have a quick, clear view of the readings of height and weight. Buttons and other options are also easy to understand. You can use the tare option to eliminate the weight of the tray or any additional towel/blanket weight from the readings.

Another amazing thing in this Kazetec Baby Multi-Function Digital Scale is the hold option that gives you the display of readings for some time. You can also take a quick reading if your baby is moving a lot. Hence prompt and accurate readings can be observed. The user can also change the units of the measurements to Kg, lb., or oz. according to their convenience.

The Kazetec Baby Multi-Function Digital Scale design is very comfortable for the baby to sit and lay down. With the curved shape of the tray, the baby feels protected while lying down on the scale. The small tape is also provided with the scale for measuring the baby’s height for further convenience.

These things, including the display screen, control, operational functions, design, and accuracy of this scale, make it the best baby scale for breastfeeding.

  • Kazetec scale is an accurate and stylish scale that can perform multifunction
  • This scale removable tray can measure the weight of baby up to 220 pounds
  • For accurate measurements when the baby is moving, this scale has a hold function
  • Not comprehensive and suitable for some babies.

5. Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

infant scale for breastfeeding

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale is one of the best baby scales for breastfeeding that have gained very much attention from the parents due to its high accuracy. The design and shape of the scale are also exquisite and attractive, further increasing the attractiveness of this product.

High precision sensors in the scale can measure the baby’s weight accurately depending upon the pressure exerted on them due to the baby’s weight. The Beurer BY80 Baby Scale can measure the importance of the baby up to 44 pounds.

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale has a curved design made so that your baby feels comfortable while lying on this scale. The curved edges on the scale can give your baby a sense of security in the scale. To make it extra relaxed, you can also place a blanket or a towel beneath your baby to feel softer and smoother for the baby.

A handy tare function is also present on the scale. You can tear out the weight of the towel or the blanket present on the scale for more accurate results. Both the manual and auto-lock functions are present. With the auto-locking process, the weight is measured when the scale is stable, so the scale automatically shows the baby’s weight.

On the other hand, with the manual locking function, if the baby is moving too much, you can manually press the hold button when you consider it right. Furthermore, the bright LCD of the screen allows you to see the readings even from a distance. There is also an option offered to change the reading scale to understand better and record the weights.

  • This scale can be used for pets
  • The facility of tare function is present in this scale
  • Highly accurate and affordable price
  • When children get older, this scale is not suitable for use.

6. Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler scale ZBB1-W

how to read a baby scale

Ozeri All-in-One Baby scale is another fantastic baby scale for breastfeeding. This scale has the all-in-one capability so that you do not need any other approach to measure your baby’s physical appearance. The scale has an automatic function that calculates the height of the baby. Additionally, the scale also has a bonus in head measuring tape given with the scale.

Among the outstanding features of the Ozeri All-in-One Baby scale, its wide range of applicability makes it more superior to the others. You can measure the weight on this Ozeri All-in-One Baby scale from 0.05 kg to 25kg, or 0.01 pounds to 55 pounds. Hence you can monitor the weight of your baby and pets even when they are grown and healthy.

This baby scale also has the memory option available to record the weight reading of 8 infants in it easily. So, you can see it again whenever you want. The hold button option on the scale instantly records the weight and height of the baby or pet that is moveable. So, it can also deliver the best results when your baby does not stay long on the scale.

You can also deduct the weight of the dippers and other things using the tare button present on the display screen. Hence accurate and precise readings are taken. With the help of the unit button on display, you can easily switch to your convenient height and weight scale. You can select kg and cm, or select pounds and inches on the other hand.

  • Ozeri scale has outstanding features that give accurate results
  • This scale is flexible, so it is also suitable for the adults
  • It helps you to record the height, weight, and head circumference of the baby
  • Ozeri baby and toddler scale is challenging to use and does not come with comfortable features to relax the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Should We Weight The Baby Before Or After Feeding?

The right way to measure the weight of the baby is just after you feed your baby. You can feed your baby and put it in the scale tray in the sitting or lying down position. Just in a matter of rare seconds, you will get the accurate weight of your baby.
However, some of the doctors also prescribed weighing the baby before feeding. This is dependent on the growth and age of the baby. So you can also consult with your doctor to find a better way.

After What Period Should We Weight Our Baby?

Doctors usually ask to weigh your baby after two weeks from birth. Then for the next six months, you should weigh at least one time a month. From the age of 6 to 12 months, the parents should weigh their baby after two months. And for the age of above one year, the parents should measure their baby’s weight after the gap of 3 months.

Can We Weight Our Baby On A Regular Scale?

Yes, you can measure the weight of your baby on a standard scale. But before you weigh your baby, do consider the weight range of that scale. Some scales have a height range and show less precision for low weights. So, you must consider the weight range in comparison with the weight of your baby.
However, the best thing to do is buy a baby scale that gives you precise readings of your baby’s weight. They are also not very expensive to purchase but can be very helpful to measure your baby’s growth.

What Should We Do If The Baby Is Losing Weight?

If your baby is losing weight instead of gaining, then the best thing to do is bring that baby to your doctor. The doctor may examine the baby for any illness or other such problems that interfere with feeding or gaining weight.
Being a mother, you can also breastfeed the baby for a more extended period and increase your breast milk supply. Last but most important is that you should regularly examine your baby’s weight to look at how much your baby is growing.

How To Use Baby Scale Features?

Although all baby scales do not have the same features, some are common in all types of baby scales. Tare and hold buttons are one of the most used buttons on the scale. The Tare button is used to make readings zero on the scale, which is beneficial for ignoring diapers, clothes, and towels.
Hold buttons work in the opposite direction, and it is used to hold the weight readings for a short period. You can also use the unit button on the display to adjust the units to measure weight. 

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We have tried to provide you with all of the related information required for a person to buy the best baby scales for breastfeeding. You can go through the steps provided in our buying guide to find the best product suitable for you and your baby.

All of the above-listed products deliver the best and accurate results concerning the weight and height of the baby. However, there is a bit of difference between the extra functions and nature of the quality that may cause some difference in the product’s price. So, before buying the best baby scales for breastfeeding, you must consider your budget and the type of product you need to have.

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