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Best Cup Holder For Uppababy Vista – Our Top Picks

Best Cup Holder For Uppababy Vista

You might have been placed in difficult situations like kids leaking lap or other awful experiences because of using a stroller with no cup holder as you have to keep the bottles in hand or otherwise in the baby’s lap. While strollers with cup holders come as a bonus, you still have the opportunity to attach separately bought cup holder to your baby vista.

For all the mommies and daddies out there, having a cup holder in the baby strollers is of great convenience. They are the perfectly made place in strollers where you can safely place your baby’s bottles, sippy cups, water, or other drinks to access on the go. UPPAbaby Vista cup holder are unique cup holders available in different sizes. Moreover, they are well adjustable and multi-functional to serve your needs in the best way.

Find the perfect cup holder for your UPPAbaby vista here. Following are  the expert’s reviews of the 5 best cup holder for UPPAbaby vista to buy

Reviews Of The 5 Best Cup Holder For UPPAbaby Vista

We have compiled this list of the 5 best cup holder for UPPAbaby vista considering all the essential factors. Each product in the list is highly adjustable to clip or clump for your needs. Hope these reviews help you to make the most out of your purchase price.

Image Product Name Details   Price
backpac UPPAbaby Snack Tray for VISTA Color: Black
Dimension: 12.6 x 4.13 x 1.97 inches
Weight: ‎14.1 ounces
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backpac UPPAbaby Carry-All Parent Organizer Color: Black
Dimension: 10 x 13 x 3 inches
Weight: ‎‎8 ounces
Check Price
backpac UPPAbaby 2015 Universal Parent Organizer II Color: Black
Dimension: ‎13.54 x 11.42 x 3.43 inches
Weight: ‎‎9.9 ounces
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backpac UPPAbaby Cup Holder for Vista Color: Black
Dimension: 3.5 x 3.8 x 4 inches
Weight: ‎‎2.72 ounces
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backpac Bugaboo Cup Holder Color: Black
Dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight: ‎‎10.4 ounces
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1. UPPAbaby Snack-tray for VISTA – 0212

best cup holder for uppababy vista

UPPAbaby Snacktray for Vista 0212 provides a perfect bottle holder and snacking surface to keep your toddler satisfied. Its multiple features help you and your kid to have an incredible snacking experience.

Product  Specifications

Product Dimensions:  (12.6 x 4.13 x 1.97) inches

Item weight (kg) :  0.4

Material:  BPA free Plastic

Product  Features

  1. Compatibility

This unique snack tray has extended compatibility allowing this to be used conveniently for various strollers. You can use it for VISTA V2, CRUZ V2, VISTA 2015+, Rumble-seat 2015+, CRUZ 2015+ and Rumble-seat V2.

  1. Holding Power

UPPAbaby snack tray has a perfectly formed cup holder that accommodates various sizes of bottles and sippy cups.  Moreover, its deep-set bowls enable kids to easily scoop with their little hands.

  1. Material Type

Keeping in consideration the health of your toddler, it is specifically made of BPA free safe plastic. This makes the snack tray safe to be used for snacking purposes.

  1. Convenience

The stroller can be folded with the snack tray attached to it. In addition, another feature of convenience is that it is dishwasher safe. This means you can wash it in the dishwasher as well.

  • Compatible with various strollers
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • folds with stroller
  • Holds various sizes of drinks
  • The tray sits quite high

Final Verdict: This snack tray from UPPAbaby added to your stroller equips it to allow the toddler to have a great snacking experience.

2. UPPAbaby Carry-All Parent Organizer – 0274

uppababy vista cup holder

UPPAbaby carry-all parent organizer 0274 makes sure that you have all the essentials to conquer the day with. It features 3 divided compartments along with 1 zipper pocket for placing bottles and more.

Product Specifications

Item dimensions : (10x13x3) inches

Item weight (ounces) : 8

Material Type: Neoprene

Mounting type: Threaded holes

Product Features

  1. Compatibility

It is compatible with all UPPAbaby strollers. This means that carry-all parent organizer can magnificently assist you in being easily attached to any UPPAbaby stroller frame.

  1. Material Type

It is made of neoprene fabric and also has Velcro attachments. This allows for loop fastener attachments. The bag needs to be washed by hand as a care instruction.

  1. Accommodating capacity

It has three separate wide compartments to accommodate a variety of bottles, mugs sizes, snacks and all the other essentials of various sizes. Moreover, an exterior zippered pocket provides more space to carry things and access them on the go.

  1. Convenience

When you are on the move with this convenient organizer bag, all your essentials are within easy reach. Moreover, the zippered pocket works to conceal your valuable items.

  • Compatible with all UPPAbaby strollers
  • Fits in essentials of various size
  • Easy access to things
  • Zip-off pocket to store valuables
  • Slides much around stroller

Final Verdict: This deluxe parent console is a great choice for someone looking for multiple easy access compartments to accommodate almost every essential for child or mother.

3. UPPAbaby 2015 Universal Parent Organizer II

uppababy vista cup holder alternatives

This updated design of UPPAbaby parent organizer comes with a more improved array of features. It easily attaches to the stroller containing pockets and cup holders to keep in reach all the essentials.

Product Details

Product dimensions : (13.54x 11.42x 3.43)inches

Item weight (ounces) :  9.9

Material Type: Polyester

Mounting Type: handlebar

Product Features

  1. Compatibility

This convenient universal parent organizer can be easily strapped to any frame of UPPAbaby strollers. It can be mounted on the handlebar of Cruz or Vista stroller.

  1. Material Type

It is made of the perfect combination of durable polyester and neoprene. Moreover, it also has heavy-duty Velcro attachments to bear up to maximum weight. Its material type provides it strength and durability.

  1. Accommodating capacity

This parent organizer is a universal parent cup holder for strollers that implies it can store essentials of various sizes. It has a convenient cup holder, 2 distinct pockets along with large zippered storage pocket where you can safely put in your phone, keys, or other personal items.

  1. Convenience

While you push the baby on the stroller, it ensures that you have all the essentials in reach. From essentials for the child to your personal items, it allows you to access them easily.

  • Universal cup holder
  • Highly durable
  • Withstand maximum weight
  • Large zippered compartment
  • Slips down to heavier side

Final Verdict: It is the best choice for someone in need of a universal parent organizer that carries all the essentials conveniently on the walk with the stroller.

4. UPPAbaby Cup Holder 0918-CUP-WW

universal cup holders for strollers

Another best stroller cupholder to consider is UPPAbaby Cup Holder. It is one of the best universal cup holders for strollers. Find answers in the product info for this.

Product Specifications

Item dimensions : (3.5 x 3.8 x 4) inches

Item weight (ounces) : 2.72

Material : polyester plastic

Color : Black

Product Features

  1. Compatability

UPPAbaby Cup Holder 0918-CUP-WW is particularly designed to perfectly fit the latest stroller models including VISTA (2015 – 2019), CRUZ / CRUZ V2 and VISTA V2. It also has various adapters that can be used to clip it to the stroller handle in seconds.

  1. Holding Power for different shapes and sizes

This offers a secure hold for a wide variety of water bottles, mugs etc. It has side openings that allow the flexible insert to accommodate different shapes and drink sizes in a perfect upright position.

  1. Material Type

UPPAbaby stroller cup holder is composed of the best quality durable plastic material that is Triton Co polyester TX1001. This makes it extensively durable, easy to clean and one of the best portable products.

  1. Convenience

It provides the best convenience of not removing the cup holder each time when folding the stroller. This cup holder folds with a stroller easily keeping both together always.

  • Clips easily to the stroller
  • Accommodate variety of drink bottles
  • portable
  • Folds with stroller
  • Might make the stroller a few inches wider

Final Verdict: It is a new and improved cup holder with a range of features to bring a distinct level of quality and convenience.

5. Bugaboo Cup Holder 80500CH02

uppababy vista cup holder alternatives

Bugaboo is a popular name for producing the best strollers and cup holders. Similarly, Bugaboo cup holder 80500CH02 has an array of features to offer and is one of the best UPPAbaby vista cup holder alternatives.

Product Specification

Item dimensions :  (1x1x1) inches

Item weight (ounces): 10.4

Target gender : Unisex

Weight recommended (maximum) : 40 pounds

Product Description

  1. Compatibility

This Bugaboo cup holder for strollers has four different adapters. Therefore, it is compatible with all of the bugaboo strollers and most of the other UPPAbaby vistas and Accmor strollers. You can attach the cup holder wherever you need it on the stroller given the 4 different accessory clips; VISTA lower adapter, Adapter- Britax & JBL clip.

  1. Holding Power

The stroller cup holder provides you an extended assurance of keeping a variety of beverage shapes in the perfect position. Its magnificent holding potential keeps baby bottles or your favorite drinks perfectly upright to prevent spillages.

  1. Material Type

It is made from top-grade durable material. This is not only evident from its exterior looks but its strength and ease of cleaning also speak about it. It is made of plastic providing extended durability.  Moreover, you can easily wipe it down using a damp cloth.

  1. Convenience

The best part of attaching this cup holder to your stroller is the incredible convenience. As you have a perfect place to carry your bottles, your hands are free to enjoy or assist your kid through the stroll.

  • Easy to clean
  • Effortless taking on and off
  • Adaptable for UPPAbaby vista
  • High quality
  • A bit pricey

Final verdict: The Bugaboo cup holder can hold range of drink containers for the parent or child in the best possible way.

These comprehensive reviews might have helped you in choosing the best cupholder for your stroller. To provide you more insights on how to choose the best cupholder, here is the buying guide.

Buying Guide:

When making a shopping cart selection for the best cup holder for UPPAbaby Vista, there are different factors to consider. Each of the products on our list is carefully picked to evaluate these factors. Following are the essential factors to take note of when making the best of your purchase price.


It is important to evaluate the product eligibility with reference to the stroller you have as some holder products might not work for compact strollers. However, a much better approach is to look for universal cup holders as they can be strapped to a variety of strollers effortlessly.


Different material types of cup holders offer different features and convenience. While most of the cup holders are constructed of plastic, stroller organizers are made of fabric. Cup holders made of plastic are easier to clean and sufficiently durable. Fabric made organizers offer a larger space.

Size and holding power

Evaluating the size and holding power of the cup holder is important. A bigger size cup holder accommodates more essentials than others. In addition, the bottle cage needs to have good holding power for bottles and beverages to keep things upright and avoid spillages.


While having a cup holder itself is of great convenience, you need to look for a variety of convenient features of a cup holder. Some examples are considering stroller cupholder which does not require to be removed when folding stroller. Moreover, there are strollers that are freely adjustable to set according to your toddler’s needs.

In case if you still have any queries unanswered, here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Does the UPPAbaby Vista have a cup holder?

No, most of the UPPAbaby vista don’t come with a cup holder. However, you can easily attach a separately bought cup holder to UPPAbaby vista.

Can you put two cup holders on UPPAbaby vista?

Yes, the stroller organizers have two cup holders that can accommodate your baby’s bottles, water bottles or other large cups. It fits perfectly with UPPAbaby vista.

How do you attach the UPPAbaby Cruz cup holder?

Firstly, attach the cup holder to the frame. Then, push it down to make sure if it is in the right place. It is secured properly if the cup holder doesn’t move side-to-side. After this, you only need to sip, stroll and repeat.


We hope that reviews of 5 best cupholder for UPPAbaby Vista has helped you decide your purchase. All the products on the list are highly competent. You just need to find the one which marks all your requirements. Happy convenience!

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