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5 Best Video Baby Monitor Without Wifi 2021 [Buying Guide]

best video baby monitor without wifi

Looking for the best video baby monitor without wifi? You are on the right page! In this guide, we’ll help you get the best video baby monitor without wifi for you.

After reading and evaluating over 30 Baby video monitor that doesn’t use wifi using information from previous users reviews, mothers’ forums, sale stats, and our research that we have made For Baby video Monitor, we finalized that these are the best video baby monitor without wifi for mothers in 2020

Top 5 Best Video Baby Monitor Without Wifi:

1. VAVA Video Baby Monitor ( Not Available At Amazon )

VAVA Video Baby Monitor

The VAVA Video baby monitor has a Very good design and it has very good night vision. The monitor is able to move up and down and then it pans all around your entire room which is amazing. It comes with the little lens that it originally comes with

It has a microphone on the camera so if your Kids are talking or saying anything or calling you you are able to hear her is a five-inch screen which is something that you will love.

It has day and night mode so the camera knows on its own that it needs to shift into night mode and it does that automatically You don’t have to switch it which is something that you will absolutely love.

It doesn’t have much weight to it so if you are walking around the house you are able to just carry it along with your has a wide range up to 900 feet where you can take it away.

It has a very long charge to it you can use it for about two and a half days in a row before having to recharge it again which is something that You Will Love.

Another thing that has is if say you have a second child and you need to watch both of them you do not need to purchase a separate a whole you know the second system you can just purchase an extra camera like this and you’re able to connect both of them up.

  • It has an HD camera that is super clear
  • Easy to set up For new moms
  • It has a day and night mode that turns automatically.
  • It Supports up to 4 Cameras.
  • It does have an alarm function on it.
  • The sound quality needs improvement.

2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This is one of the best video baby monitors without wifi and a big reason for it is it is so darn easy and by the way, can you set the camera up somewhere you can control everything with the monitor there is no Wi-Fi connection there is no Bluetooth there is no app. It is one of the most Reviewed products Available on Amazone.

It’s a very popular monitor you will be getting three different lenses and an optical zoom lens a wide-angle lens also getting two USB power cables and the camera power adapter USB output adapter you will be getting all the hardware.

The infant optics camera is remarkably simple so you have two different options as far as actually plugging it in you could use a USB cable or just use the regular power cable you turn on the camera.

This gives you freedom with up to 700 feet of range now you can actually see and hear what’s going on in the room and because this doesn’t connect to your Wi-Fi router, this doesn’t connect to Bluetooth so there are no chances of hacking it’s not using Wi-Fi.

There’s also no delay at all so if you do hear that baby stirring in the night and you’re several rooms away you’re gonna hear it instantaneously off of the monitor that you have close by so it’s not gonna be that bouncing off of the cloud and a 10-second delay you’ll know right away what’s going on in that room now that’s a three and a half-inch LCD display monitor.

  • Quality of the image is remarkable
  • Easy to set up For new moms.
  • It has a day and night mode that turns automatically.
  • It Supports up to 4 Cameras.
  • Two-way audio
  • Clear picture both day and night.
  • You may face the signal interruption problem after several months
  • Expensive than other monitors.
  • The Charging System might turn faulty after some time.

3. Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor

Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor

Eufy Security is another amazing Video baby monitor that Comes With a great Feature its a bit new to the market but a good customer Review. Excellent battery life, the picture quality is (almost) crystal clear and the night vision is stellar.

It has a five-inch HD screen. For the camera you actually get a wide lens included with it so you don’t have to buy that separately you get the monitor you get two cords one-two for the camera and then one for the monitor and then also you get two adapters.

The main feature of this product so you have an auto screen off and that means it saves the energy of the battery. It also has multi-camera cycling which means the camera on this is really really cool.

I wouldn’t say it’s a hundred and ten cycle view and this really is smooth like so you can control the camera from the monitor and it’s really really smooth and moves really nicely and it just moves all over the place up down to the left to the side like wherever and it’s fast and it’s really smooth has a quick easy setup.

It has long data transmission twenty-foot sound pickup multi-language means it has four languages. some other features of this are the menu screen you can adjust the brightness you can adjust the sound you can have a sleep mode to have this turn off at different times you can do 1 minute 3 minute 5 minutes and you have a sound activation which I think this is a really cool feature. It has a little stand up which is awesome and then it also has an antenna.

  • Excellent HD images and Videos.
  • Easy to use & set up.
  • Amazing energy-saving mode.
  • Large 5 inch HD Screen.
  • It Supports up to 4 Cameras.
  • Excellent Battery life.
  • The temperature sensor is not accurate.
  • The Antenna is long.
  • It has a large screen.
  • You may Face Connectivity/Range issues.

4. HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

The Hellobaby Video Baby Monitor provides Quality baby monitoring technology that enables a parent to have secure Connection With their kids and ensure their Safety.

The video quality is excellent it has a nice clear picture. It also has night vision so if your baby’s room is dark you can still see your baby on the screen. It shows the volume level shows the temperature in the baby’s room and it also has a battery indicator.

This 3.2-inch Video Baby Monitor gives you the ability to talk to your baby if you hold down this button on the right you can talk to your baby you can also zoom in and then you can pan up and down and get a really good close picture and see what’s happening with your baby.

  • Inexpensive as Compared to others.
  • Night vision works great.
  • Easy set-up, straightforward function.
  • Sound quality is great.
  • It allows you to know the temperature of the room. It sets an alarm when it is too hot.
  • The Night Vision looks a bit dark on parent side.
  • Poor battery Life.

5. Motorola Comfort 75-2 Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Comfort 75-2 Video Baby Monitor

The Mototola Comfort has a really good pan feature you can actually get pretty far across and you can actually see the temperature reading up in the corner. The night Vision of this Monitor is Super Amazing and it’s very important in a baby camera because it really helps you to see your baby during the nighttime hours when you’re not actually in front of the baby.

It has different features like a music function it has a timer so you can set it to two four or six hours depending on what it is that you want to do. The Wi-Fi is not enabled which actually preferred they do have the Hubble app so depending on the camera that you choose you’ll be able to use the Hubble App.

  • Excellent Battery Life.
  • Screen will auto shut off after a certain time to save battery.
  • Excellent image and Audio Quality.
  • Simple to use & easy to set up.
  • Poor temperature readings.
  • The night mode is not good enough.
  • Occasional connection issues.

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