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The answer to the taboo of “Do men go to baby showers?” in 2022 with all the traditional and modern views, Do’s and Don’ts


A baby shower is one of the most important events for a pregnant mother. It is held to celebrate the special time of her life. But usually, men are not invited to  Are you also planning a baby shower and confused that do fathers attend baby showers or not? Let’s have a look at our deep research on this taboo and make your decision!

Previously, baby showers used to be women-oriented only. Traditionally in parenting, men played the role of the breadwinners, and women were responsible for raisings kids. This party is to make her happy, relaxed, and prepared for the upcoming baby. So the key choice is of the expectant mother that whether men should be welcome in the baby shower ceremony or not. But in the modern 21st century, with a lot of other evolving rituals and trends, now dads do attend baby showers.

As they play an equal role in the upbringing of their kids, so why should women have all the fun? Men at baby showers are not considered taboo anymore. People have moved on from the strict gender roles and they go hand in hand with their partner for the chores and responsibilities. Either the responsibilities are related to finances, parenting, or home chores, the couple faces and fulfills them together. When men are involved throughout the pregnancy and birthing process, they also want to participate in the baby showers. They also want to enjoy the big day with their other half and are ready to enter parenthood together.

So let’s have the general ideas and views about men going to the baby showers and what they can do there.

Are baby showers just for ladies?

The baby shower is mostly celebrated in the last month of pregnancy. Usually, the friends of pregnant women throw the baby shower party in the seventh month or ninth month.

According to the traditional ideology, the guest list consisted of females only. Traditional baby showers were considered a women-oriented event so men shouldn’t attend them. As you know for the baby shower, this event is organized for the pregnant mother, to make her prepare for the upcoming roller coaster life. All the close friends and family of the mommy-to-be get together to celebrate and have fun. The expert mom can advise the mom-to-be with their opinions, do’s and don’ts.

However, as mindsets have been changing with time, more people are planning their co-ed baby showers. As they want to celebrate and welcome their baby together.

Why are men not allowed traditionally on baby showers?

In modern baby showers, people are more inclined towards Co-ed parties. Although modern couples like to celebrate baby shower ceremonies together, the views about men not being allowed to such parties also have their reasons. Some of

  • Roller coaster month of pregnancy

The whole period of pregnancy is physically, mentally, and emotionally a turmoil for the women. They feel stressed by going through so many physical and hormonal changes. Therefore, this party is a way to relieve their stress with the discussion of details of pregnancy, playing silly games, and showering the mother with gifts. Some women feel liberated and have more fun when they are partying alone. They can talk about all the naughty and silly stuff with their beloved women.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth discussions 

Other than guessing the baby gender and fun games, they also discuss intimate details of the actual birth process and the nits and grits of life after that. They can discuss their private problems and their solutions regarding this matter. According to the old school thought, these discussions were thought to be not suitable in front of the guys that why some people are perplexed that do guys go to baby showers or not.

Who is invited to a baby shower?

Do guys attend baby showers? Yes! They sure can. Why should the dads be deprived of all the fun and happiness when they are entering the parenting phase of their life? Couples from the modern generation like to celebrate their milestones together. The barrier between the men and women has been minimized and they feel comfortable and enjoy each other’s company.

Just like other things, it also depends on your personal choice. You can either have your circle of friends or close family and cousins. You can also invite your single friends to celebrate your day. Even the guy friends from work can also be invited if you are comfortable with your baby discussions around. The attendance at baby showers should be the one to make it a moment for couples.

do dads go to baby showers

Best shower ideas and themes for a joint shower

If the answer to “Does the father go to the baby shower?” is a big YES for you, then you might be confused about the theme of the party. Well, it doesn’t make much difference if there are men at the party or not. Still, you can opt for gender-neutral themes and gift ideas. In addition, some out-of-the-box ideas would make the event interesting like mini drinks or personalized mugs that will let them feel a part of the event.

Even separate parties for dads are also thrown named as “Dadchelor party” or “Diaper party” where they can have fun before becoming a dad. Other dads can also bless them with their precious pieces of advice and expert suggestions. They will feel ready than before for fatherhood with these practiced suggestions.

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What do men do at baby showers?

The million-dollar question is that what will a husband at baby shower will do actually. Well, if you like to go for a co-ed baby shower, then you should plan the event to engage them in their way. There are a lot of planned activities and fun games that they can play to make the event memorable. Be creative and design your event in a way to make and fun and memorable. Here we have some ideas that can add excitement to your baby shower and keep the guys engaged and involved.

1. Games

Different games related to the parents and babies can be played in a co-ed shower. Interesting games with creative ideas according to life with babies and before would be a blast for everyone.

Like the Diaper party game where the guys can compete to quickly change the diaper of toy babies in a given time. Alternatively, the stroller race is another fun idea where all the guys can run along with strollers or drag chairs as a makeshift stroller. Sounds exciting, right?

These physical baby shower games will not only be fun but will make the hosts and the guests entertained with a good laugh.

2. Good Food

Who doesn’t enjoy good food, anyway? Everybody, especially men do enjoy yummy food so don’t forget to add their favorite items to the menu. They can have a good time while munching on their favorite snacks and drinks. Meanwhile, you can have a chit-chat and discuss all those unmentioned stuff that can’t talk about in front of the guys.

3. Basic Manners and etiquettes

If you have decided to hold a coed shower, then you should also watch out for some basic etiquettes to follow. You have to be careful to discuss the deep details of childbirth especially if you or the invited guys are not comfortable with it.

To avoid any embarrassing moment, you can design the baby shower ceremony in a way where the pregnant women can have some time to discuss the gory details with her friends and benefit from other mom’s experiences while the men are busy doing some other activity.

Another baby shower etiquette for your party is if you have invited any older persons like your father, then you must be really mindful of not having open discussions of pregnancy in front of them. As older men are generally more traditional to talk about childbirth and pregnancy in front of women.


So now you must have a clear idea that Do dads go to baby showers or not. Although it is a personal choice, parents shouldn’t be bound to opt for a certain option. In my opinion, if men take equal responsibility in life so they should be equally involved in all the fun activities related to their life and baby if they want. You can design the co-ed shower in a way where the couple can have fun together with their friends and family but also leave some spare time for the expectant mother to have her private discussions and concerns with the ladies.

The natural progression towards coed showers is also a signal towards the equality of rights. Moreover, the closer

I hope that all your queries are answered regarding men invited to baby showers. Hope that you like the article. Keep sharing and enjoy your day.

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