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Are you confused about how to clean high chair straps properly for your little angel? Don’t worry; this read will guide you perfectly.


A high chair is probably the most convenient item that you can buy as a parent, it makes the most challenging task easy, and that is feeding your child without them running off.

But a high chair can turn into your worst germ nightmare if not cleaned properly. Now the cleaning issue is not the chair itself but the strap on a high chair.

If you own one, then you already know how hectic it is when it comes to cleaning high chair straps. Don’t break a sweat; the time when you had to wrestle with the belt to clean it is over. I’m going to educate you on how to clean a high chair with the straps easily.

Keep in mind that there are two primary sorts of high chairs: detachable straps and the other one with straps fixed. Let’s dig in and find out how to clean both of them.

Cleaning high chair safety strap: detachable and non-detachable:


Before you dismember your high chair, make sure you go through the manual. If there are specific instructions to remove the straps, then make sure to follow them; if not, then go for it.

  1. First of all, take the straps out and keep them aside.
  1. Now you may clean your high chair as you usually do; make sure to get the nooks and corners with a toothbrush not in your use anymore.
  1. If your belts don’t have any metal attached to them, move on to the straps, then go on and wash them properly beneath a flowing sink, but usually, they do have some metal. I wouldn’t prefer running them down water because the metal can get rusted, which is harmful to your baby.
  1. Now, make sure to keep your straps on a surface that can be cleaned later, like your kitchen counter, or keep a towel beneath it.
  1. Now wet your straps with water via any wet cloth.
  1. This is the step that you can DIY. If you have a cleaner, then go for it as a cleaning agent; if you are comfortable with detergent, then that would work fine too.
  1. After applying your cleaning agent, take a soft bristle toothbrush, not in use, scrub out the strap properly, and take out all the gunk.
  1. After the scrubbing is done, wipe the cleaner off the belt with a wet cloth properly, dry it, and then attach it again.

When removing the cleaner, make sure to wipe the belt down several times if needed, don’t leave any detergent to dry with the strap.

Now, no matter if the belt comes from a wooden high chair strap or a metal one, you shouldn’t put the straps in your machine dryer to dry; the only drying method to be used here is air drying.

All toddler chair with straps are easy to clean high chairs if you wash them at night after your angel sleeps, this way, you have enough time to clean them, and the straps can air dry properly.


You can quickly tell if the straps on your high chair are detachable or not. If they are sewen or joined together in a way that seems like a dead-end, they cannot be removed.

Don’t worry; these straps can be cleaned as efficiently as any detachable ones.

  1. Keep a towel or any cloth on your high chair uncovering the straps so that it doesn’t get dirty with the gunk about to come out.
  1. Then take a damp cloth and, holding the strap with your other hand, wet it properly.
  1. Now is the time to apply whatever cleaner works for you best.
  1. After you have applied the cleaner, brush the strap so that the impurities come off.
  1. Then let it sit and air dry till the moisture is wholly soaked out.
  1. Before you rest the straps to dry, keep in mind to clean off any excess liquid with a damp and then dry towel.
easy to clean high chair

The perfect high chair cleaning routine:

Parents are probably the busiest beings on earth; they have to manage so much at once. Don’t worry if all of the above seems too much to you. I’ll tell you a way through which you can carry out a routine cleanup; this way, your baby will be safe and clean, and you will be stress-free.


These are some of the things you need to do daily; if you are not there, make sure the sitter or whoever is watching the baby carries these chores out.

Whenever the baby is finished eating, clean the chair and the straps with a damp cloth and sanitize it with a baby-friendly sanitizer. I use one who comes in a spray bottle; the whole process gets much more manageable.

Once or twice a week

Just once or maybe two times a week, make sure to clean all the blind and hidden spots of your hair chair, such as under the seat, the legs, or under the eating platform, just any place that you think you don’t touch upon daily.

The sanitization process remains the same, but if you have some extra minutes, then damp your cloth with the same sanitizer and clean the whole space properly. This process also leaves the chair smelling and looking fresh.

Once in two weeks or once a month

We always keep a day devoted to cleaning everything around the house once in 15 days or a month. This is a day when you need to take the chair apart and clean every nook and corner.

Dismember the chair if possible and clean every part separately, especially the corners where you attach the pieces as they have the most dust.

Clean the strap separately if it’s detachable and remove the cushion to put away for laundry if the chair is not wooden.

If the chair is wooden, there are several antibacterial polishes that you can use after cleaning everything with a dry cloth and dry toothbrush. Don’t use anything damp on wood as it will spoil the polish and look of your chair.

Why cleaning these high chair straps is essential?

When buying a high chair, you must have heard the shopkeepers claim that it’s the easiest high chair to clean, or many brands have verified that it’s an easy to clean high chair. But that’s not the case in reality when it comes to cleaning high chair straps.

Have you wondered why it’s so essential to keep your little one’s chair clean at all times? Let me tell you why.

We primarily focus on the straps because that’s the most complex and most ignored part of cleaning.

Food bits

The first reason is the food bits getting stuck in between the fibers. You see, when your child is eating, the part he touches the most after the plate or platform itself is the belt, and that is because our little angels have the urge to run out of it.

We clean the food bits that we can see through our naked eye, but several more components get stuck and left in those fibers.

These little bits can also decompose and cause issues ahead.


Apart from food bits, there can be a lot of extra material stuck on the belt, such as dust, pollen, and even dead skin; yes, imagine your child being around all of that when eating. All of this can quickly gain access inside their mouth through food, and you wouldn’t want that.


With all the clotting and accumulation, several types of fungus or bacteria can be born and infest themselves in your child.

All of these reasons combined can affect your baby heavily with several diseases and infections. You should always make sure your baby and its surroundings are neat, especially where they eat.

Some extra cleaning essentials might come in handy:

We always don’t have everything that is needed for cleaning. Don’t worry; I have you covered in that area too. Following are some extra cleaning essentials lying around your house and can be used for cleaning a high chair.

  1. Any white vinegar would work best to kill all the bacteria. Just wipe the chair with a damp cloth adding a little splash of vinegar, and you are good to go.
  2. If you have a mild bleach that won’t damage the plastic or steel of your high chair, then it could work perfectly too. Keep in mind that if you have a wooden chair, then bleach is off-limits; it will work for sure to damage the wood.
  3. Baking soda. A little bit of it diluted with water works like magic on cushion stains.
  4. Disinfecting solution. If you don’t have a mild baby sanitizer, then you can always use a disinfecting solution. Make sure to gentle it a little with water if it’s harsh for babies.

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In the end, make sure to take out enough time to rub, wipe and scrub, the chair and the high chair straps for the wellbeing of your baby. Keep in mind that a healthy baby is indeed a happy one.

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