Why Fathers Should Spend Early Weeks With His Wife and New Born Baby

Why Fathers Should Spend Early Weeks With His Wife and New Born Baby infoparenting

Becoming a father is as special as becoming a mother. Whenever we think of bonding with the new angel born, immediately, the images of the mother and her baby come to mind. It is true that a mother-child relationship is very essential, but the bonding between a father and a child is just as important. It is also very vital for fathers to have a deep connection with their babies and spend quality time with them to develop a strong bonding with the little one. In this Article I Will Completly Guide You on Why Fathers Should Spend Early Weeks With His Wife and New Born Baby.

Important research has shown that when fathers really spend quality time with their newborn baby, the child’s growth is boosted up both mentally and physically. Moreover, fathers feel less stressed out and their confidence level is enhanced too. A strong father and child relationship can help fight back several issues such as depression later on in life. Also, the child feels more and more secure if the baby has developed a good bonding with the father, as the father is the head of the family and children tend to bond with their fathers.

It is also proved that children who are in better bonding with their fathers since the beginning are found to be more successful in their academics and are always high in extracurricular activities too.

So, like mothers, fathers too need to spend quiet time with their babies, talking to them, cooing the baby when he or she is in discomfort or distress. They also need quality time to hold them in their arms and gaze in their eyes to make them feel more comfortable.

Why Fathers Should Spend Early Weeks With His Wife and New Born Baby

Those children who do not get the love of their parents especially, fathers, feel much more love and care deprived which can have a negative impact on them for the whole lifetime. These kinds of children become victims of many things such as they can go into a serious depression state which can prove to be very risky for them. And this can further lead to greater distress and unsuccessful academic level, thus, spoiling out their future which could turn out to be a brighter one, but unfortunately, due to the weak bonding between the father and the child, it can do no better.

So, it’s my humble request to all parents, both mothers and fathers especially, to equally give time to all of their children and must respond to the baby’s cues and offer plenty of love, comfort, and motivation whenever they are distressed. This will not only benefit the child’s mental state or his career, but it can have a positive effect on the whole family.

Husbands should also understand that spending early time with wife is also very important. As giving birth to a baby is an intimate bonding experience, husbands should understand the importance of spending quality time with their wives. A caring husband should always avail his paternity leave while his wife is in labor. Spending early days with his wife and newborn baby can go a long way when it comes to bonding with them.

Birthing is not the job of only one partner but the husband should also take care of the wife after she has got back home. This does not only make their relationship strong but also increases the wife’s confidence level in her husband. We have heard a lot that most of the women are stressed out after delivery as they don’t get their husband’s support. If husbands understand that their love and affection are so important to their partner than their wives would never ever experience any depression in their life.

Most importantly, that husband should give all his time to his wives because, in that state of life, you do not want to be alone. And the best partner you want to be with is only your husband and no one else as you feel more compassionate while being with your husband and it really gives you inner confidence and a special feeling that somebody you love the most, is not busy with other things, but only you. And this feeling, believe it or not, is the best feeling you can ever have as you feel all complete with your husband just beside you and your little angel too. It makes you feel all complete.

No one knows you better than your husband. While we cannot generalize, most of the couples are also best friends. With just one blink of an eye, your husband would know what you want or how you feel. No matter what, how good or experienced a nurse you keep, nobody is more experienced than your husband because he is your only soulmate and he can read your eyes and he is the only one to understand your feelings. He will ensure the best care for you as he is your right hand.

Sometimes, there are complications in managing soon after giving birth to the baby, so the husband is the only support you have and he is the only person whom you can trust blindly. Husbands can also be entrusted to take firm decisions at the time of any complication. So, having your husband around can help the wife be confident in whatever decision they make.

So, what I believe strongly is that husband’s presence during the delivery time and after the delivery is important and very essential for both the wife and the newborn baby. Special bonding is not only necessary for the child but with the wife too as both are special parts of his life. However, most husbands don’t realize the importance of giving quiet time to the wife too as a result of which, their relationship may not be very strong enough. The more they spend time with their wife and children, the happier they are. And apart from being happy, they will have a high self-esteem level. So it is very important to have a good time with family.

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