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6 Best Baby Bottle Soap That Every Mother Needs

Best Baby Bottle Soap

New parents are highly cautious about the safety and health of their precious babies. No one wants to compromise on the baby’s health, whether it is your firstborn or not. When it comes to baby bottle soap, how do you find out the best baby bottle soap for the safety of your little one?
Babies are prone to bacteria, and they need to be protected at all costs. We need to make sure that the soap that we are using to clean our baby’s bottles is the best baby bottle soap for your baby’s health and wellness.
Baby bottle soaps are supposed to be gentle, mild, toxin-free, and preferably fragrance-free. Here is a list of recommended best baby bottle soap that will keep your baby safe, keep baby bottles odor-free and clean.

Our Top 6 Picks For Best Baby Bottle Soap:

1. Babyganics foaming bottle soap

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Babyganics is a good option if you are looking for the best bottle of affordable and effective soap. This soap contains mild ingredients that will not leave any toxins on your baby bottles and essentially clean them. A small amount of this best baby bottle soap goes a long way.
This soap bottle is fragrance-free, phosphate-free, and formulated without artificial dyes, so it is safe to use for your baby bottles. This is a plant-derived cleaning soap formulated for intense cleaning while keeping the formula non-irritant and non-allergenic.
It comes with a reusable pump bottle. You can re-buy the refills for the pump bottle.

  • Plant-derived formula.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • Bottle pump can get clogged.

2. Babyganics 16 Ounce Bottle Soap

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Babyganics is a brand that makes many baby bottle cleaning products, and it might also be the best baby bottle soap you are looking for. This baby bottle soap is also mild and effective and has an original fragrance, and it comes with a refill and a pump bottle.
If you are looking for a mild fragrance product to get rid of your baby bottles’ milk odor, you might like this product.
It gives effective cleaning, and this best baby bottle soap is the original version of babyganics baby bottle cleaning soap.
It gives a bubbly foam that keeps your hands soft and moisturized as well. If you are a new parent, this might become the best baby bottle soap for you due to its numerous benefits.

  • Non-allergenic.
  • Original formula.
  • Safe for skin.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • Removes milk odor effectively.
  • It has fragrance.

3. ATTITUDE Sensitive Skin Bottle cleaner soap

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Attitude baby soap is the best dish soap for washing baby bottles if you are looking for an effective, eco-friendly, and vegan cleaning option. This plant-based bottle cleaning soap solution comes in a pump bottle which is very convenient to use, and it has a strong cleaning action that will get rid of any fat particles, milk droplets, and odor of formula milk or breast milk.
As this baby bottle cleansing soap is eco-friendly, you can safely use it to wash your baby bottles or even breast pumps. It has mild, non-allergenic ingredients which are safe on the skin.

  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Vegan.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Safe on skin.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • Less foam production.

4. ECOS Disney Baby Bottle soap


Ecos baby bottle soap is designed for cleaning baby bottles, and it will cut out the grease stains and fat particles from the baby bottles and other baby feeding accessories. This baby bottle cleaner soap can also be used to clean your other dishes and window glass. It is multi-purpose cleaning soap and formulated with the safest ingredients It would be the best soap to wash baby bottles if you struggle with removing the stains from your baby bottles.

  • Earth-friendly.
  • Sulfate-free.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Paraben-free.
  • hypo-allergenic.
  • A little expensive.

5. Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid

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Dapple baby bottle and dish soap is mild liquid dish soap to wash baby bottles. The soap is fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic, sulfate-free, and also essentially paraben-free. This soap has a mild and effective formula that can be used to clean your baby bottles, sippy cups, breast pumps, and baby feeder accessories.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose dish soap that is also safe to use on your skin and for the baby’s health, this might be the best baby bottle soap you are looking for. It produces a nice bubbly lather, so a small amount goes a long way.

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Plant-based
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Low-quality packaging.

6. SimpliGrown Bath Co Bottle Wash

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This is a hypoallergenic soap for baby bottles that can be the best soap for washing baby bottles because it’s mild on the skin and safe to use for cleaning baby bottles. The company claims that this liquid soap will remove any stains and milk residue from your baby bottles, making them safe and clean for use.
They also claim to be plant-based, no animal testing, pediatrician tested and using food-grade ingredients to manufacture the liquid soap. It comes in a cute bottle with a dropper head so you can take only as much product as you need.

  • Safe to use.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • No animal testing.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Does not have a pump bottle.

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Why Use Baby Bottle Soap For Cleaning Baby Bottles?

The ordinary dishwashing soap might contain fragrance and other harsh chemicals that you are probably immune to, but your baby is not. Babys have a sensitive digestive system, and you need to make sure that they are not taking in any harmful chemicals that might damage their health or become a reason for their digestive issues.
Baby bottle soaps are manufactured to make sure that it is safe to use on baby bottles. Most baby bottle soaps are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and gluten-free, so your baby does not get any allergies from the dish soap at least.
Some of the best baby bottle soaps are mentioned in this article to help you choose the best one for your little one.

What Happens If I Rinse The Bottles With Warm Water After Use?

Just rinsing the bottles will only clean the bottle visually. Suppose you do not remove all the fat particles, residual milk particles thoroughly from your baby bottles after using them. In that case, the microscopic bacteria might inhabit and grow on those milk bottles, making them unsafe for your babies. It is always a good idea to use a good quality bottle of cleaner soap to make sure your baby is safe and sound.

What Soap To Use To Wash Baby Bottles?

Try to find a dish soap that is specially designed for baby bottles. Try finding the one which is paraben-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free.

How To Pick The Best Soap For Washing Baby Bottles?

Before picking a soap for your baby bottles, you must look at the ingredient list and make sure all the ingredients are safe for your baby. Choose one which is hypo-allergenic and toxin-free.

Can I Use Baby Bottle Wash Soap And Cold Water To Wash The Baby Bottle?

Yes, you can use baby bottle wash soap for washing baby bottles. It will clean your baby bottles thoroughly but if you are more conscious about bacteria and want a better cleaning effect, try washing it with hot water and baby bottle soap.

Can Baby Bottle Cleaning Soaps Remove The Milk Odor From The Bottles Altogether?

Yes, these soaps are designed to clean the bottles from milk residues. These soaps, fragranced or not, get you rid of milk odor, whether it is breast milk or formula milk.

What Soap To Use For Baby Bottles, Fragranced Or Non-Fragranced?

Although all fragrances are not harmful, it is usually recommended to use non-fragranced products because your baby is sensitive, and fragrances might cause allergies. When it is about your baby, we tend to go all out, so using a non-fragranced bottle of soap would be a good option.
Tips and tricks:
If you have any tough stain or odor on your baby bottle, try putting the baby bottles in hot water for 10-20 minutes, and then use the best baby bottle soap to clean your bottle with a bottle brush.
Suppose you sterilize your baby bottles once a week for complete germ protection. Sterilizing would be good if your baby has a compromised immune system.
Never forget to wash all parts of your baby bottle when you buy it. Always wash a baby bottle with baby bottle soap before first use and then wash immediately after every use.


Whatever baby soap you use, while picking your baby bottle cleaning soap, the most critical question you should ask yourself is that this product is safe for your child. The safest soap is always the best baby bottle soap. There are many options in the market, you can pick according to your preference and budget but always go for the safest choice you can find.

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