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Do babies have eyebrows? Is it normal that your baby’s eyebrows are not prominent? When do your baby’s eyebrows grow after birth? These are all the questions asked by the parents when they do not see their baby’s eyebrows. And most of the parents get worried.

So if you are also the one trying to find the answer to all these questions, then you have reached your destination. In this article, we will tell you about all these queries. And you will be free from all these things in your mind after reading this article. One by one, we will answer all your questions, so this article would educate you fully in this regard. Now let’s get started without any further.

Do Babies Have Eyebrows At The Time of Birth?

The answer to this question varies because of different factors. It has been seen in many cases that babies do have eyebrows at the time of birth. And they are good enough to be seen easily. These babies start dealing with their eyebrows in the womb of the mother.

During the 9 months of pregnancy, a whole, healthy baby is developed, and different body parts start growing eventually. If we talk about the hair follicles, they begin to grow at about 20 weeks of pregnancy. So just like other hair follicles start to grow, the eyebrows of the baby will also start to develop. It is a fact that all the hair follicles grow in the womb but not after birth.

Babies are born with light, distinct, dark, or no eyebrows. All are natural and healthy. The health of the baby is not associated with the eyebrows. But the development of a baby’s eyebrows is completely dependent on genetics. In the next section, let’s get some details on the genetics of the baby.

Development of eyebrows and genetics

The development of baby eyebrows depends all on genetics. Genetics has a vital role to play in the growth of the eyebrows. Usually, newborn eyebrows are very light or just start with a peachy puss. You can also get an idea about genetics by looking forward to mommy and daddy. If they have light eyebrows, then this also can be the reason that the eyebrows of the baby are sparse. Taking this into concern, these babies have suppressed genes that express the phenotypic character of the eyebrows. So we can say that the genotypes for the eyebrows of the babies are not very strong.

On the other hand, some babies have dark and very prominent eyebrows at the delivery time. These babies have codes differently arranged. And the genes for hair growth and eyebrows are dominant. At the time of birth, these babies have slightly dark eyebrows making them more beautiful. And they also have hair on their head that entirely is the game of genetics.

Should parents be worried if their baby has no eyebrows?

It is completely fine if you can not see their eyebrows at first. There is nothing to worry about if they are not too dark to be noticed easily. Your baby’s eyebrows will slowly start growing, and they will become noticeable and prominent in some months. However, we also have some tips to increase the growth of eyebrows. We will tell you about them in a separate section so keep reading.

When do babies get eyebrows?

If we talk about this, when babies get eyebrows, we have already discussed it in the section above. Genetics has everything to do with the development and growth of the eyebrows. If your baby does not have eyebrows at the time of birth, then do not worry at all. It has been seen that babies with no eyebrows develop eyebrows 2-3 months after birth. So if your little nugget has no eyebrows, they are still very cute and beautiful. Their sparkling eyes and thousand worth of smiles are enough to attract you towards them.

when do babies eyebrows come in

How to grow baby eyebrows faster?

We can say that it is the most awaited section of this article. So let’s jump into it without wasting a second. If your baby has sparse eyebrows and you are looking for effective ways to grow them faster. Next, we will explain the most appropriate methods to fasten the hair development and growth of eyebrows.

Using Aloe vera

The best thing to do is to wait for the natural growth of the eyebrows. Everything in this world takes time, so give them time too. Eyebrows thicken in between 2-3 months, and they are not extended periods. But if they are still taking much time to come, then you can use these remedies. But before using these remedies, make sure that they are proven by the doctors.

Aloe vera is a natural product that increases the growth of hair effectively. It is an excellent stimulant that will make your baby’s eyebrows get darker and thicker. You need to apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel on the eyebrows and remove it after 2-3 minutes. It will also moisturize your baby’s skin, and after that, you also do not need any other product. Also, you will be free from using chemical products from the market on your baby’s skin. We cannot say when do babies eyebrows come in by using this remedy, but it will not take a long time.

You also need to take care that your baby is not itchy with the aloe vera gel. The skin of babies is very delicate, and anything can be allergic to them. So if you see any kind of redness or rash on the skin, immediately stop using it.

Oil massage

Oil massage is the most effective and verified method to grow your baby’s eyebrows. Oil massage also has other benefits that your baby will enjoy. Oil massage increases the blood circulation in the body that stimulates hair growth. For oils, there are several options that you can go for in the market, like olive oil, castor oil, and many more. Also, you can use different baby oils already labeled for massaging.

Nutritious food

Nutritious food also contributes to the growth and development of the hair of your baby. If your baby is breastfed, then the mother must eat healthy and highly nutritious food so that the mother’s milk is full of essential nutrients. Mother should eat food enriched with iron, vitamin E, and vitamin C. For instance, eggs, legumes, chicken, fish, carrot juice, almonds, peaches, kiwi fruit, oranges, sprouts, etc. These will make the mother’s milk more healthy, grow the eyebrows faster, and take less time.

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Are babies born with eyebrows, or is it normal if they do not have eyebrows? Etc. We have given the answers to almost all your questions. Always take care that you never use chemical products on the skin of your baby. These products in the market might have such ingredients that can be too harsh for the skin of your precious one. And more importantly, these chemical products can get into the eyes and mouth of your baby and can cause big trouble. So to avoid all these things, give them a little time, and their eyebrows will grow naturally. And you will also be free from trying other remedies.

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