15 Fun Ways To Tell Parents You’re Pregnant

Fun Ways To Tell Parents You're Pregnant-infoparenting

Pregnancy is a piece of very exciting and happy news. And the level of happiness is far beyond for the moms and dads to be. So naturally, humans love to share their happiness with their family and their dear ones. so it is great to reveal this big news in a very exciting and memorable way. There are many different ways that you can tell your parents that you are pregnant. In this article, we will elaborate on the most remarkable ways to reveal your pregnancy

Pregnancy news is one of the most spring and nerve-racking news for parents. But when it comes to the grandparents of the baby, this emotion touches the sky. Your parents wait for many years to be grandparents. And have this splendid news of happiness. No doubt they cover a huge milestone to have this happiness. In this regard, you must plan something very creative and memorable. Always going for something big does not make it memorable. You can also do anything little and creative so that it can be with you forever. Let us dig into incredible fun ways to tell your parents you’re pregnant

Top 15 Fun Ways To Tell Parents You’re Pregnant

With these fantastic ideas, you can reveal this big news to your parents. And you can catch very emotional and worthy moments of your life. So let us see how you can plan something creative and funny for your parents about the pregnancy news.

1. Giving them Grandma and Grandpa mugs

funny ways to tell parents you're pregnant

It is a pretty fun way to announce pregnancy to parents. Giving them grandparents mugs is a first-rate way to do this as it is a very creative and noticeable way to reveal the news. There are many options and designs that you can make for it. For these beautiful mugs, there are online pages as well as there are many shops in the local market. They make customized cups according to your desire. You can also write a beautiful note for grandparents from the baby on the way.

2. Surprising them with home-baked cake

Let us suppose your parents are visiting you and you want to share your pregnancy news with them. This is the easiest and very delightful way to let them know this big news. You can bake their favorite flavored cake with the B letter shape. Or bake a cake of any shape and write something special on it. For example, you can write “hello grandparents.”. You can also write you are going to be a grandma! Or you are going to be a grandpa!

3. Labelled wine bottles

In some adorable, fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant, label wine bottles. Suppose you and your parents or family members are having dinner at the table. And here comes the time to serve drinks. Present your parents with labeled wine bottles. It would be a very lovely surprise for them to see those wine bottles. And they will enjoy their loveliest drink with the news that they are going to be grandparents.

4. Preparing a baby onesie

fun ways to announce pregnancy to parents

If you want to give your parents the lovely news of your pregnancy, you can go for a cute baby onesie. This is the most appealing way to reveal the pregnancy news. You can find many baby onesies in the market with cute quotes like, hello grandparents; the baby is coming and many more. Moreover, you can also prepare a fully customized baby onesie. It would be more attractive, and you can choose the favorite color of the grandparents too. The adorable baby onesie will cherish their happiness.

5. Presenting baby shoes and a T-shirt

Presenting cute baby shoes or a baby T-shirt is the best and lovely way to uncover the pregnancy news. You can pack a beautiful gift for both of them. And put colorful ribbons in it along with the baby shoes and baby T-shirt wrapped around. Let them open the gift together, and it will surely take their emotions to another level. It is also the most stunning idea to tell your parents you are pregnant. Also, take a bundle of photographs to catch the moment full of emotions and happiness. These photos will take you back to that time when you see them in the future.

6. pregnancy announcement with a note

Although it is not a very funny way to tell your parents about your pregnancy, it is more beautiful and an idea full of emotions. This idea is for you if you are a shy person and not comfortable revealing the news in person. In this regard, write a funny note for them announcing the information about your pregnancy. Then, you can give that note to them on your own. Also, you can send it with some gifts or flowers to make it more special for them. 

7. Filming a YouTube video

One of the fun ways to announce pregnancy to parents is to film a youtube video. If you own a youtube channel, you must film a video when telling your parents about the happy news of pregnancy. You can create any setup, like having a photoshoot or anything else. And in between all the work, suddenly dispatch the news of your pregnancy. This will be an excellent surprise for them. Moreover, you will be able to film their priceless reaction to that fantastic news. 

8. Singing a baby song in front of them

Having a good sound and you can sing very well! Then what better than that. This is also a beautiful way to tell your parents you are pregnant. For instance, they are sitting at their table reading some books in the evening. And you show up with coffee cups singing the baby song. Even thinking about it makes it very special. So you can do it and tell your parents that you are going to be grandparents very soon. This will surely make their eyes wet and the environment full of emotions.

9. Leaving a voicemail or making the call

This idea is for you when your parents are not near you. You can reveal the news of your pregnancy on a voice mail or a call. Also, the best option is to take them on a video call and tell them the announcement in front of them. This isn’t a fun way to tell your parents about the pregnancy. But if you cannot go and meet your parents as they are miles away from you. A video meeting is the best option to tell them. Whether you are far away from your parents and telling this big news on a video call, you can still do much. You can show them some surprises or some baby gifts to make the moment more memorable. 

10. Ordering mini babycakes

Almost all of our parents love sweets, cakes, and cookies. So why not order some yummy mini cakes for them. The sweetness of the cakes will make the moment more delicious and delightful. In this regard, order mini cupcakes of their most liked flavor from their favorite place. In addition, you can place a cake topper, hello grandparents; we have a baby, enjoy cake from the baby!  

11. Surprise them with your ultrasound picture

This is one of the most fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant. Of course, directly showing them your ultrasound picture is also a fascinating and heartbreaking thing for our parents. But, doing this, you can see a burst of emotions and happiness from your parents. Another thing that you can do with the ultrasound picture is to hide it. You can hide the image in their cupboard or the kitchen drawer. And when they find it and open it, they become more surprised. This is the most splendid and thrilling way to reveal your pregnancy.

12. Leaving a baby cot with a cute note

If you don’t want to prepare something big and want to be more classic and straightforward, this idea is for you. You can decorate a small room with baby things, or you can place a baby cot too. Place the baby cot in the garden of your home and decorate it with colorful flowers and ribbons. Put a card or small note on the cot with a quote. You can also write some lovely words from the baby to his grandparents. This will also make their eyes full of tears, and it would be an excellent surprise for them.

13. Record a sweet baby poem

In the list of the funny ways to tell parents you’re pregnant, here comes the one. Imagine you are sitting with your parents and other family members, enjoying the delicious meal. And you play a baby poem. Firstly all will feel weird, and they will not be caught in the situation. But eventually, one will hit on it. Sounds funny, right? Of course, it is a hilarious situation. So you can record a lovely baby poem and create a setup to play it. This is also a very funny idea to announce your pregnancy news. Moreover, it would make everyone laugh and make a very magnificent environment.

14. Wrapping your pregnancy report with a love card

Our parents wait for a long period to see their grandchildren sit and play with them. So it is imperative to make some special preparations to give them the good news. There are many ways that you can announce your pregnancy. Getting this news makes you emotionally very sensitive. So you can tell your parents about pregnancy to your parents in a very simple and classic manner. You can wrap your pregnancy repost or pregnancy tester with a sweet and lovely card. When they open it, they will get the most happening and nerve-breaking news of your pregnancy. And on seeing it, a fountain of happiness will flow out. 

15. Buy a diaper or milk bottle.

Buying a diaper and then packing it for your parents is the funniest idea to reveal the news of the pregnancy to the parents. Moreover, for a pretty clear indication that they will be grandparents, this idea is perfect. You can send them a packed gift with a diaper in it. Along with it, send them a cute note, ‘’you want me to wear it, I’m coming, grandma!

In place of a diaper, you can also buy a milk bottle. It will also show a strong indication that you are pregnant and going to be parents soon. And your parents will be the grandparent of their baby. You can also hide the milk bottle in the kitchen cabinet or place it on their site table to surprise them.


Summing up our discussion of a list of the fun ways to tell parents you are pregnant. We have listed the funny and some very incredible ways to share this happy news with your parents or your family members. Of course, you can go for any of it according to your desire. Pregnancy is excellent news of happiness and one of the most awaited moments of couples and their parents. So, if you tell your parents this news with any of the above ideas, you will indeed feel joy. By doing these little things and giving them surprise news is very fantastic. So make little effort and tell your parents that their grandchild is on his way. And you are going to be a grandparent soon in the near future. This big and lovely news will make their day remarkable and full of joy.    

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