Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family

Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family-infoparenting

So you are having the biggest happiness of your life looking for ways to announce pregnancy to family? Here read the article to learn 40 cute and creative ways to declare your pregnancy.

Being a mother is such an overwhelming feeling, especially when you have it for the first time. Pregnancy brings lots of emotion to a woman. The main concern of her is, however, how to announce pregnancy to family? 

You must be confused at this point because you want this personal moment to be unforgettable for the rest of your life. To make this moment memorable for you, we have selected 40 creative and cute ways to tell family you’re pregnant.

40 Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family

Here we have selected cute and creative ways to tell your family you’re pregnant.

1. Show Baby Onesie

It is one of the cute ways to announce pregnancy to parents. Buy a baby onesie from the market and wrap it in a box. If you want to surprise your husband, then you can customize it for him with daddy-to-be quotes. Make sure to record his best reaction.

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2. Baby Shoes

No doubt, baby shoes are such a cutest way to announce your pregnancy news. The best you can do is wrap the shoes inside a box or do a photoshoot with them. Later, show the pictures to your family with a quote inside.

ways to announce pregnancy to family

3. Christmas Baby Socks

It is such a cute and outstanding way to announce your pregnancy news. Buy adorable and tiny Christmas socks from the market, place your ultrasound report and pregnancy test in it, and hang them near a bock case. Now ask him to find what is inside the socks. We are pretty sure he will love the present you give him before Christmas.

ways to tell your family you re pregnant

4. Pacifier

Buying a pacifier will be the most revealing item for your pregnancy announcement. But to make it more obvious, write a note and attach it to the pacifier holder. Now pack this pacifier in a gift box and present it to an elder of your family.

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5. Baby Diaper With a Note

Buying a baby diaper will prove to be beneficial for you even in the future. Here you have to roll the baby diapers in flower and stick them together. Now write a note about your pregnancy and attach it to the flower. Place this diaper roll at a place where it can see by the family.

cute ways to tell family you're pregnant

6. Strip Inside a Cake

In search of ways to announce pregnancy to family, you must have seen surprising videos in which couples use cake toppers. How about you do the same but with a twist? You have to make a strip written with Pregnant on it. Seal the strip with plastic wrapping and insert it into the cake. Now your family members, when cutting the cake, the strip will pop out. 

how to announce pregnancy to family

7. Balloons

Now is the time with what is inside the ballons? Bring a lot of balloons with one giant balloon. In the big balloon, put your pregnancy test and mix it with other balloons. Now put the blindfold on your husband’s eyes and make him pop the balloons. The moment the big balloon pops, his reaction has to be recorded.

ways to announce pregnancy to parents

8. Via Chocolates

Here is another fun and creative way to announce your pregnancy news to the family. All you need to do is bring dark chocolate from the market and decorate it with white chocolate. Write some pregnancy-related quotes on the chocolate. This sweet announcement will bring joy to the family for sure.


Creative Ways to Tell Family You’re Pregnant

Few are Some Creative Ways to Tell Family You’re Pregnant

9. Wrap your pregnancy test

It is the most exciting way to announce your pregnancy news is by wrapping your pregnancy test. Completely cover it with a gift pack and show it to your husband.

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10. Make a Poster

If you are tight on budget, then making a poster is a great idea. Write We Are Pregnant on the banner and show it to your family. We are pretty sure this idea will shock the family up to a great level.

cute ways to announce pregnancy to parents

11. Ultrasound Report

This way is pretty simple but captures many unforgettable emotions. The moment you get to know that you are expecting one, visit your doctor and take an ultrasound report. If you already have an elder kid, then take his help and show the blast to the family. But if you are expecting it for the first time, then show the report by wrapping it in gift paper.


12. Personalized Mugs

In your school life or love life, you must have designed personalized mugs. How about do the same this time as well? You do not have to compose any picture on the cup. Just write mom-to-be on the cup and gift it to your husband. Or you can also present it to any other family member who is a coffeeholic.

ways to tell family you re pregnant

13. Puzzle Game

How about playing a puzzle game with your family? The best puzzle game you can play with your family to announce your pregnancy news is non-other than word scrambler. Start the game with such words that end with your desired message. Or you can directly write your pregnancy news on the scrambler board using the alphabet.

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14. Greeting Card

You must have distributed greeting cards to your family. But have you an idea that you can also announce your pregnancy news with greeting cards? Design the greeting cards in the cutest way possible. Distribute among the family and wait for the reaction.

how to announce pregnancy to family

15. A Creative Book

Now is the time to unleash your inner talent. To announce the news in the creative way possible, you have to write a storyline. Okay, do not panic. We are not asking you to ask you a complicated story. Write a simple yet eye-catching poem related to your pregnancy. Make sure that the book is full of colorful pictures.


16. Play Dumb Charades With Him

Among your family members, your husband is the first one to know the greatest happiness of your lives. To announce the news in a fun and creative way, play dumb charades with your husband. Enjoy fullest playing dumb charades with him. In the end, provide him a hint about the news, and record his shocking reaction.

How to Play Dumb Charades

17. Gift Box

Ready to gift your husband the best gift of his life? Buy a gift box from the market and wrap your pregnancy test in the case. Now switch the camera ON and wait for his reaction.

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18. Suprise Inside an Egg

You must have seen surprise inside a cracky egg. How about you give the same wonderment to your family by announcing your pregnancy news? Sound interesting, right? Make a strip, and write Pregnant on it. Now take a bowl of eggs and ask your family to play a game. One who cracks most of the eggs will be the winner. During this game, the surprise egg should be part of the bowl. Here the surprise egg cracks. There will be wows in the house.

19. Customized Clothes

It is popular among parents. Now it is up to you to whom you want to surprise if you want to surprise your husband, then customized the shirt with daddy-to-be. Wrap the shirt in gift wrapping and present it to him. Ask him to wear the shirt without looking at what is written on it. Once he is done, take him in front of a mirror and record his reaction.

20. Revealing Pictures

By revealing photos, we mean to say you have to share a photoshoot of you and your husband in your family circle. Make sure that the couple’s shoot is full of love and affection.

21. Play Video games

If your husband is fond of video games, then this is the best idea for you. But for this, you have to do a little research for the game. Select a game that is related to pregnancy news. Play it with your husband and enjoy your time.

22. Make your Kid Wear Customized Clothes

This idea is for those couples who already have a kid. Buy some customized shirts from the market for your kid. Now do photoshoots of your kids, share the photos in your family circle, and wait for the reaction.

23. Personalized Portrait

Make this happiness the best memorable moment of your life with some colorful and customized portraits. Collect pictures from the unforgettable moments of your love life. Make a personalized album and insert the ultrasound picture between them. 

24. Daddy-to-be items

The surprise is always for the baby’s father. Here you have to buy a lot of daddy-to-be items from the market. Daddy-to-be items like customized shirts, towels, and bracelets, gather all the stuff and wrap them in a box for the surprise.

25. The Silver Spoon

Buy a baby silver spoon from the market, wrap it, and tie a note with it. Put the wrapping on your living room table, set the camera, hide somewhere, and wait for the family to open the wrap.

26. The Beach Walk

Why go to the beach to enjoy the view only? Make this view one of the most memorable moments of your life. Intertwine your hand with your husband, and take to the side of the beach for a walk. Now ask him to turn around, and within that time, write on the sand about the upcoming news.

27. Bun In The Oven

No, no, you do not need to bake a bun in the oven. But you need to bake some customized buns. Cut the dough in alphabet form and then bake them in the oven. Ask your husband to take them out from the oven, and Ta-da! The surprise is here.

28. Reveal it With Flowers

Buy a bouquet from the market and hide your pregnancy test in it. Ask your husband to find what’s inside the bouquet. It is such a unique way to announce your pregnancy news to your family.

29. Announce it With a Video

Make an eye-catching animated video about your pregnancy and share it with your family. This unique way will bring lots of joy to the family for sure.

30. Wine Bottle Labels

No, you don’t have to make your family drink the wine. But ask them over a hangover party. Make suspense that you have a bottle of new wine. Once they are curious about what you have, present them your customized wine bottle.

31. Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

Time to play a lottery game with your family. Customized scratch-off lottery tickets and let them scratch off the tickets. The final lottery ticket should be your pregnancy revealing ticket.

32. Sonogram Frame

This way is not only memorable at the time of the announcement but also be memorable for the rest of your life. Buy a sonogram frame from the market and insert either a quote or a pre-pregnancy picture in it. Now place this frame at your bedroom or living room side table and wait for the family members to see and react.

33. Revealing Locket

This way doesn’t require you to decor the house or some additional effort. All you need to do is buy a picture locket and wear it. Now you have to add a picture of your husband at one side, and on the other side, place the ultrasound picture. For sure, your husband or any other family member will notice the locket in your neck and will ask you about what’s inside it. Reveal the surprise by opening the locket.

Loving Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Parents

Few of Some Loving Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Parents Without any hassle

34. Straightforward Announcement

So you are a bored person and do not have time to put your energy into the announcement? How about you announce your good news simply? Call your family over dinner and announce your pregnancy news straightforwardly. 

35. Chalk Floor/Board Announcement

This idea is perfect for a tight budget. Now you have many ideas within this way. If you have an elder kid, then you can write big sister or brother. If you want to surprise your parents, then write grandparents to be. But make sure that your parents are blindfolded before the upcoming surprise.

36. Do Some Early Pregnancy Shoots

You can do some pre-pregnancy shoots to announce the pregnancy news crazily. Call your partner and ask him to do some fun shoots. 

37. Photo Album

First, call your parents over a tea party and take them to your childhood time. Bring photos of your childhood, teenage, and adulthood time. At the end of the album, add a picture of your ultrasound report. During this whole process, make sure that your camera is recording their reaction.

38. The Side-Walk Announcement

Now intertwine your hand with your mother and mother-in-law and take them for a side-walk. You have to select a specific place like a cafe for a side-walk and pre-decor the location. Now when you reach there, surprise them with the biggest happiness for their life.

39. Invite the family for dinner

When it comes to announcing the biggest news of your life, your family should be the first one to know. Invite parents and in-laws over dinner, and play a simple game with them. Make sure to announce them in the cutest way possible.

40. How About a Bake Time Party With Family?

Now is the time for some mess with flour in the kitchen. Gather your mother and mother-in-law to bake some cookies. Now on the counter, dust some flour and write mommy-to-be on it.

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Make sure to enjoy this moment fully. The 40 ways to announce pregnancy to family are a must to try. Lastly, don’t forget to take pictures at the moment.

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